a Rock 'n Roll Trio free of musical boundaries

BONUS CAT is known for their distinct approach to each song in their expansive, decade-transcending musical catalogue. Classic songs are morphed and manipulated into something fresh, new and dangerous, while modern hits are given an old-school overhaul, all of which are woven together in an ever-changing sonic landscape that is completely unique to the band. Josh, Andrew and Adam are in constant pursuit of finding interesting artists to pay homage to and tend to make unique and occasionally obscure song choices; current, nostalgic or otherwise.  This is the only band that can transition from a cosmic Beatles medley into a powerful Queens Of The Stone Age track in a completely natural way. The band's live performances feel as unique as their catalogue, and span the music of the 1950's up through the new millennium. All in, BONUS CAT's unique approach proves that a great song never goes out of style.